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Originally Posted by Turkpilot View Post
They could have easily just told her to throw it away. Its not like she is importing apples of mass destruction. CBP are some of the biggest Aholes on the planet. I had a moron try to fine me 25,000 USD for a STICKER that wasn't on the plane. I had to get his superior involved to point out via email we had a conversation that we would be getting the sticker AFTER we arrived into the great land of the free(absolute BS)

Give some people power and it goes to their heads. The states is a hypocrisy at its finest.
Or, let someone think that they can get away with bringing in restricted goods by not declaring it and they will surely try.
And then what, just let them off scot-free?

In Oz, if Customs think that you've made a genuine mistake then they may generously just issue a written and recorded warning, first time anyway.

Trouble is, more often than not, it is not a genuine mistake. It is an attempt to deceive. A fair portion of the goods sold in Asian (and other exotic) groceries has entered the country in suitcases.

So, sorry. No sympathy.
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