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Originally Posted by ko12aai View Post
Hi All,

Anyone have attended day two and can share what sort of questions were they asked during the interview. Also, how many question we can expect to be asked? I know its roughly half an hour interview.

First off, congratulations on passing day 1 which I'm assuming you have

I have not attended day 2 yet hence the delay in response, hoping that someone who has would answer this.

From many different sources, such as cadet blogs, the interview will consist of general questions such as why you want to be a pilot and will also consist of competency questions to assess some of the key skills such as leadership.

If you are applying through L3 CTS, then this page will tell you what the key points are that the assessor will be looking for in the interview:

Also, may I ask, what date you're attending day 2 if you are applying through L3?

Key points:
  • L3 CTS have a page dedicated on what they are looking for
  • Cadet blogs provide a great insight into what to expect through their experience.
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