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Originally Posted by tscell7 View Post
I would concur. There was no confusion between pilot and controller. I listened to the audio and from the moment the pilot announced they were descending, the controller inferred the emergency and began vectoring them towards a landing.

My only quibble with the approach controller were the multiple queries about the nature of the emergency ("is the engine still on fire?" etc.) which were probably redundant in a situation where the pilots' hands were full.

I also found it interesting that the pilot chided ATC about too many frequency changes -- those were edited out of the audio clip I listened to.
quite right...imo, the emergency should have been given directed a discrete frequency. there were way too many distracting transmissions, so much so that at one point atc had to clarify to the emergency flight who they were talking to. .

Also. ATC ended up having to tell the emergency flight that some of ITS questions: 'it doesn't matter." Indeed, it didn't matter.

Approach control even instructed the emergency flight to avoid "the city" while giving her the mda.

I understand much of it (tension), but the frequency congestion was avoidable, had they just given her a discrete frequency. How hard could that be?
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