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Originally Posted by flymesome View Post
2) We didn't have the option of choosing between Flaps 15 and any other Flap setting on our QRH in the One Engine Inoperative Landing Checklist. Does planning a Flaps 5 landing raise the question of legality in terms of crew training?

I'm just curious.
FAR 91.3, 121.557 and 559, 125.319 and 135.19 all state something similar to "In an emergency situation that requires immediate decision and action the pilot in command may take any action that he considers necessary under the circumstances. In such a case he may deviate from prescribed operations procedures and methods, weather minimums, and this chapter, to the extent required in the interests of safety."

So no matter what rules you are operating under, if you are around to talk about it what you did is ok.
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