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Originally Posted by Gegenbeispiel View Post
tdracer: >"I've seen no evidence that the fan blade was uncontained"

The NTSB has stated that fan blade 13 is missing. That's not simply missing from the hub, it's gone and they cannot find it. To me, that's uncontained.

Did you mean "no evidence of high kinetic energy blade departure"?
Highway1 beat me to it, but the definition of 'uncontained' is engine parts exciting tangentially out of the engine nacelle. Bits that come out the nozzle are, by definition, not 'uncontained'. Furthermore, bits of engine that make it through the engine case or fan containment ring but don't penetrate the nacelle are still considered 'contained' (e.g. engine parts that come tumbling out when they open up the nacelle are considered contained).
So, a turbine blade coming out the side of the engine is an uncontained failure, a broken turbine blade that exits out the tailpipe isn't.
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