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Laura was forty, married, still sexually active and the mother of three strapping boys – each weighing 9lbs plus at birth. Whilst she was happy in life generally, she was far from happy with the damage done to her nether region.

Thankfully for Laura, her kind hearted husband Malcolm offered to pay for cosmetic surgery for the equivalent of a facelift. Laura gladly accepted the offer and two weeks later she went under the knife.

She woke blurry eyed from the surgery and noticed a nurse in the room with her. She also noticed that there were 3 vases of flowers too and so asked the nurse where they had come from.

The first she said, was from the surgeon as a thank you, as he said this was his finest work ever – sculpturer Michaelangelo would have been proud of. The second she said, was from her husband.

“And the third?” Laura asked. “Oh, they are from Mr Robinson, in the burns unit” the nurse replied. “He wanted to thank you for his new ears".
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