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Not sure I get the bits about simulating engine failures.

Section, 91.560 "Simulating engine failure", seems to say you can only simulate an engine failure if the flight is either:
a. a test flight of a provisionally registered aircraft OR
b. under the terms of a special flight permit OR
c. if an experimental aircraft and EF is approved for that type

That seems to rule out instructional EF/PFL or self practice(?)

Then later in: 91.575 "Single-engine aeroplane—VFR flights by day—engine not to be shut down"

it appears to say you can *shut down an engine* if for the purposes of training (and if with an instructor and within range of a suitable landing area).

I could very well be missing something but this seems to me to be saying

you cannot *simulate* an engine failure for training
you can however *shut the engine down* for training

Am I misunderstanding the wording or missing something? (wouldn't surprise me but I am curious what I am missing)
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