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1 - at a local level, anti-expansion will be pretty much par for the course.
That’s a false assumption, Zac is Richmond MP, upper middle class white London types with few employment ties to LHR. Many of the other boroughs have a different view as the local economy depends on the airport. Same goes for Justine in Putney, much more white and posh and way less dependent on LHR jobs. I found LHR to be more of a noise issue for me in my E14 days than West London as they put the power on turning off base leg to finals. Clapham is another noise sensitive area but hardly local. Hounslow by contrast got used to it and relies on the airport.
It’s far from being a black and white issue.

Dobbo Dobbo as a Leeds resident, if no runway 3, LBA-LHR, poor as it is, will likely go. What’s your view on that from the perspective of the wider economy. You support connecting LBA via KLM or simply use MAN?
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