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Originally Posted by ia1166 View Post
Actually the fcom states use appropriate automation at all times. Fd athr off is a required item in the opc/lpc. You can have 1 resit under caav regulations to fly this within perscribed limits. If you cant, you fail the sim and need additional sim training to correct.

The procedures are in place to train and correct in the sim. Not the aircraft.

Additionally, if you had an abnormal in the real aircraft that required manual flight, i would assume the skipper would take control and fly it, as the most experienced pilot. So the fo would not need to do this anyway. Thats why they are the fo. Low experience. Once they are experienced and have a demonstrated high ability, they get promoted. Thats the whole concept.
I might not quite get the part about the concept; in the Sim, manual flying, yes, Airplane, no; so if the A/T is inop, I should fly myself all day, or better, just reject the plane? I mean, worst thing in Sim I could bump my head, right? In real life... my job?
So, if we are at the whole “need everything” concept, why are we flying into Tuy Hoa without Papi, approach or Runway lighting?
And since we are on following SOP’s “strictly”, very few follow Flaps 3, idle reverse and packs off T/O’s... I know because I keep getting weired looks on my FO’s faces when I do it, just like when I do one-Engine Taxi-in and -out... any comments on that?
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