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Originally Posted by EagleA25 View Post
What aa means it that you should start looking for greener pastures and take VNA as your last resort, if it is the last you have.
I agree with him, it is NOT a safe place to fly, and you need to have either a good lawyer or a thick skin here. And if you have thoughts about making this a career, it’s not a place to stay!
I hear somewhere they will change Fleet Managers (again); so everything will be happy-happy again, right?
The definition of insanity comes to mind...

I kinda feel for Cap. Son here; he’s good hearted but they put him in a crap position.
If you accept Instructor here, you WILL have political pressure to pass the sons of the management pilots, no matter how incompetent they are!
I was alluding more to follow the sop strictly. As is stated in many many fsrs that are issued by the company.

Read the sop and apply it. Why fly ap athr off. That is what the sim is for. I dont agree with practicing abnormal procedures in the real aircraft is the way forward, so i dont. Never have, never will. Unless required by training.

Use apprpriate automation at all times. Its there in writing. If you take everything off, then prang it, you may be poorly placed.

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