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Sticking with it

Good luck to you BW and I am glad the ********* at Syerston have not driven you away.
This thread has been full of genuine passion because we have seen the destruction of a fine system 'that was not broken' where the real work was actually done.
One of the facets of the organisation was it gave an incredible opportunity to ALL COMERS to achieve something that was not available anywhere else.

I still remember the CCF Cadets arriving for their courses and being amazed that all the actual ground part of the operation was being run by other Cadets, which included driving them off to lunch (amid great banter).
We could get all the course and staff cadets in the Austin 1 tonner, usually with someone standing up in the 'turret' thinking he was in the LRDG.

Money can buy you most things in life but in the ATC all you needed was enthusiasm and skill in avoiding polishing those lino floors.

Keep that spirit up BW
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