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ATC A&B Training

The main point about the ATC 'proficiency' training was to encourage youth from 'any background' towards aviation, plus give them a great opportunity for self development combined with a sensible level of discipline. The fact that so many went on to help run the 'schools' and give back something to the system says it all. I can not think of any other organisation that encouraged youth to become a major part of a disciplined training system with the responsibilities of using technical equipment and also mentoring other cadets. This was a amazing situation that worked well and sent tens of thousands off into adult life with a real START. The civvy clubs were not geared up for anything like this and indeed their focus was on competitions and badges which many Cadets would never had been able to afford. I do not see that an organisation that could regularly train a youth to fly an aeroplane to solo standard in just over an hours flight time including the equivalent of EFTO (CB to us) has to answer to anyone about what it stood for and how well it did it. VENTURE ADVENTURE stood the test of time, and the Country was better off for it.
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