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Hi there.

The pay can be broken down as follows:

Basic Pay year 1 is 60k euros. After tax and pension contributions this is 38k per annum. This gives a take home of 3160 per month

Sector pay works out on average at 800 net per month.

We also have something called performance pay. Every hour flown over 620 hours in a year, running from October to October, qualifies for performance pay. The hourly rate for FOs is 67. So if you fly 830 hours, you will be paid 210*67=14070 gross. This gives approx 6600 net paid in December. There is also a monthly threshold of 66 hours if you do not make the yearly threshold.

If you choose to bid for overnights then you receive approx 100 net per night away.

You will contribute 11% to the pension while the company contributes 21%.

People do commute from Europe but on a 5:3 pattern but it will be difficult. Time to the 330 is running around 2-2.5 years, which makes commuting very easy. When the Neos arrive next year there will be Atlantic trips on the short haul network.

I hope this helps!
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