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Hi everyone,
here some feed back about the assessment done on the 3rd of April :


1st Technical questions:
- the guy looked my log book and ask me some questions about my previous aircraft flown and when i've completed PPL/CPL/MEIR
- skill test attempt
- tell me about the DR400, the MS 893 what is the main difference between these two
- explain how leading edge flaps work and what are they use for
- carburetor explanations/risks, is there any possibilities of carburetor icing if the OAT is 30
- tell me about the engine on the C172, fuel consumption (L and USG), what the advantage with fuel injection, then MTOM of the C172
- what the effects of the altitude on the performance/ explain why

2nd HR:
- few questions on my resume
- why did you start an aviation career at 28 year old
- new contract what do you think
- did you apply somewhere else
- which airline would you choose

I might do not remember everything but it was quiet quick.


PF 1st:
- with WAL 2T from Liverpool runway 27, flight directors on
- after that FD off for general handling, turns/climb/descent
- then the examiner ask the PM about our position on the approach chart
- intercept R090 from WAL vor
- a litle bite before the interception the number 1 ask to talk with the PF
- hill passenger (DODAR/NITS)
- back to Liverpool via radar vectors and ILS R27

Almost the same as PM but we get some smoke in the cabin.

End of the assessment.

Positive answer on the 6th of April.

Good Luck Folks.
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