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L3 easyJet Day 1 test


I have my day 1 test coming up soon which is Technical - Mental Arithmetic and PILAPT. I have heard that the best way to revise for Pilapt is via using SkyTest.
On the letter from L3 easyJet I have been told that the PILAPT tests I will undertake are as follow.
1. Hand/eye-coordination
2. Psychomotor Tracking
3. Mechanical Reasoning
4. Spital Orientation/awareness
5. Numeracy Skills
6. Capacity
On the SkyTest software I purchased under the "UK Pilot Aptitude" section I don't seem to have all these tests listed above. The tests that are available on this software are as follow:
1. Grid Concentration Test
2. Hands Information Processing Test
3. ILS Tracking Test
4. Multidimensional Capacity Test
5. Pattern Recognition Test
Are these tests similar to what will come up on assessment day? Since the titles are bit different and also there is nothing about Psychomotor Tracking or Mechanical Reasoning?

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