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Originally Posted by snn20 View Post
Honestly, im surprised they're still at BHD, let alone still operating the sun routes. When they operated the 767 from SNN it damaged their reputation quite a bit and drove people to fly from dublin however theyre back to regular 757 operations now. Seems as if theyre trying to run down the sun routes so it gives them an excuse to pull out
Are you really comparing the ASL 737 with the Omni 767 that was based at Shannon?

The Omni 767 had American crew with poor service. The whole service was the worst on the EI long haul Network and quickly became known as such.

The ASL 737 has become known as reliable despite it's age with cheerful Irish crew on board. One would notice no difference in service between an EI A320 and this 737.

So I'd advise you to be careful what you say, as it can be taken as defamatory, despite you talking out your arse.
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