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Thanks again Hans, will look into other roles if they interest me.

Tayra I am applying for ADFA, that seems very tough. By group do you mean the group of 12 in the same ASP or do you mean another ASP. My guess is in the same ASP. If ASP started in March and we assume they have had 1 asp per week until now, that would be about 5 ASPs, from 40 candidates around 8 pass on average (that's what I got told from someone else that has done the ASP) and say about 4 deemed competitive. That would be 20 candidates in the OSB pool as of now (give or take, no idea how accurate these estimates are, if anyone can find out the ASP schedule that would be great, on the RAAF website it says it was supposed to be up late 2017 but there's nothing there. Or if you have a better idea of how many actually progress to OSB). Also selection for ASP after your assessment day is not based of a pool like FSP was correct? If you passed assessment day, you were invited. Although if you weren't invited to flight screening (if they didn't deem your profile competitive) then even if you get a good score on ASP, your chances may still be low to get selected for OSB. But hey, at least they give you chance now.
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