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Originally Posted by tayra View Post
If you are referring to pilot then save your money it wont help you (my opinion). There is another similarly named website (pilot aptitude systems) which I believe is a well known scam. If it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars it's not worth it.

If the ADF are using the same weightings as the RAF (highly likely) then each of the 7 domains has a roughly equal weighting (11-16% of total score) for pilot whereas ATC/ACO is skewed heavily towards "strategic task management". Each domain has a specific stanine cutoff from the 2nd-5th stanine which in statistical terms essentially ranges from below average to average. One could assume the ADF gets a slightly right-shifted distribution of individuals compared to the general population so below average may not appear as so. If you fail to meet the cutoff in any domain you do not pass for that role regardless of overall score.

The testing feels very much like an "either you have it or you don't" situation. As far as preparation goes, I could only confidently say that mental maths practice had a definite positive effect on my score. That and 20+ years of solid video games is likely your best bet for success. So go do your timetables and play some PUBG.
Haha, great insight, I presume you have done the exams. From what I have gathered, there's no point trying to slack in any of the domains (not that I was planning to), my mental math is alright, could be better, gaming I've done since I was a child, was almost a professional in one at one stage. I think my hand eye coordination is ok, and my multi tasking maybe ok because in the game, I had to make fast paced decisions, communicate with my team and play well on the sticks. But I can't become over confident.

Also if you don't mind me asking, how many candidates passed in your session? was trying to calculate how many would be in an OSB pool before my session And was the short term memory stuff difficult? I struggle sometimes with that but I've seen significant improvement in my scores the last few days since I've been practising hard. Cheers.
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