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Can we please stop referencing armchairs? Is commenting/questioning prohibited if you weren’t there? I get that people will always defend their own patch - but I think the questions raised are legitimate.

SSB, are you inferring that the dedicated emergency exits (which I have also used numerous times) are not fit for purpose and therefore evacuate to airside is SOP? If they are not capable of dealing with the numbers of people is that not a design flaw for the whole terminal? (talking of which, have a read about Berlin’s (SXF) “new” terminal which massively failed the fire protection / smoke egress requirements and now has an estimated opening 10 years behind schedule)

I’m playing a bit of devils advocate here and I get why people think I’m being critical - I’m not - I’m just trying to balance what appears to have been a relatively “minor” external event with a response which had such a devastating affect on the airport and airlines operations for rest of the day. That’s all.

In terms of being guaranteed STN for fuel Mayday’s - what level of RFF was maintained? Do the airport fire services return to station once the local service has arrived?

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