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Trouble with CAsA and other regulators is that what they call 'crimes' and are crimes of 'strict liability', do not conform to government definition of a crime.

A crime is you rob someone of money, stealing. Kill some one, murder with intent ie victims are 'hurt' either financially of physically.
Those of the legal bent will know more about it that I do but...

for example... being very busy with yr job you forget to complete a line in yr log book.
An issue of forgetfulness, a human trait...distracted by other more important issues.

This incomplete line...wasnt deliberate, no-one was hurt, it didnt cause a crash or any injury to others, it has no 'safety' issue.
But for the "Walking Dead" in (Non)Aviation House, there is a strict liability reg and to have that incomplete line in yr log book makes you a criminal.!
Are they mad??

With this sort of rampant BS crushing aviation and individuals within it, its no wonder the place is fcuked.

'Bomber' Harris fighting bureaucracy.. and a War, stated in 1943 that the country would soon be buggered by the unfettered growth of regulations and bureaucrats.

Its here, its real, and he was very, very right.
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