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Originally Posted by Lead Balloon
Wouldn’t happen to work for CASA, De_f?

Such splendid isolation from reality makes for such creative thinking in this aviation Galapagos.

Aussie Bob will not be alone.

What? No, I don't work for CASA, never have, and don't automatically agree with their proposals. You might also have noticed that my post didn't take a position either way as to whether a 20NM radius CTAF is good or bad. My point, which you don't seem to have understood, is that if you are trying to argue against a CASA proposal, you should at least have up-to-date documentation and try and accurately critique the situation rather than putting out claims that can be disregarded because they appear as misleading by the people you are arguing against. Case in point - Lismore and Ballina - claiming they will have overlapping CTAF areas under the proposed change is misleading because they already have a common shared CTAF frequency for operations in the vicinity of either aerodrome. Likewise Toowoomba, Oakey and West Wellcamp, they already have the Darling Downs broadcast area, overlapping all three aerodromes.

Dick - as it's not your map, then the South Queensland RAPAC doesn't do themselves any favours by presenting a chart years out of date.
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