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Originally Posted by atpcliff View Post
UAL, in a press release, said that all UAL crewmembers are trained that no animals are to ever be put in overhead bins. The "points guy", a frequent flyer webpage, says that animals will die if left in the overhead bin.

Since then, UAL mixed up two dogs, and sent the dog bound for Wichita, Kansas, to Japan, and vice versa. UAL flew the dog in Japan back to Wichita on a private jet.

Next, UAL diverted a flight, because it mistakenly had a dog on it...the plane was diverted to where the dog was supposed to be going, and then the plane flew on to the original destination.

UAL has a new policy where all live animals' crate/luggage will have a specially coloured tag on it indicating it is a live animal.
Bravo to UNited for doing the right thing. NOw if the threat of monetary punishment was not there. Imagine them doing the right thing? I can't.
Corporations are all about money as essentially rightly pointed out by a previous poster.

It is ALL about the money. They do the wrong thing and it COSTS them? They will do the right thing. Otherwise? Fuggitabout it.
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