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Hey guys,
Thanks a lot for all your comments, it helped me a lot to prepare for my assessment. Here's how it went for me:

Sent application: 12.12.2017
Application incomplete email.. 13.12.2017
Completed application: 15.01.2018
Mail about phone call 30.01.2018
Phone call 06.02.2018
Assessment 27.02.2018
Positive answer 06.03.2018
TR intro week: 07.05.2018, EMA.

Phone call:
Straight forward, no tricks, very easy as described by others in earlier posts.


I went to Upilot and had a 3hour session, absolutely recommended! I had no 737 experience from before so this was a must to do!

I had the EMA amended departure clearance and ILS 27 approach. Got emergency smoke in galley, remember DODAR and NITS!!

Technical questions:

Why bypass engine
How does it work
How does a wing create lift
What is a lenticularis cloud
How is a jetstream formed
What speed to be named jetstream
Critical engine on multiengine aircraft I flew during my training?
What is a critical engine?
What is critical angle of attack?
If you have temperature 3 dew point 2 on metar what can you expect?

How many passengers ryanair 737?
Why ryanair?
Strengths and weaknesses?
Are you able to relocate?
Are you able to finance type rating?
Tell me about yourself?
How did you get interested in aviation?

Please ask if there's anything I can help with
Good luck everyone!
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