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Speaking of money, news organizations at the major television news networks in the states were never, ever intended to be centers of profits. Network news was considered a public trust, and networks operated their sprawling news organizations at a loss for many, many decades. Today, in the profit-driven corporate world of media madness, money is king and truth and integrity are all too often sacrificed on the altar of almighty profit.

Far too many cable news outlets will run with a story, because their coverage will bring up their rating shares, all the while in the guise of doing their public duty. CNN is an example of how money damages a news organization with good intentions. Fox News is an example of how questionable intentions coupled with an audience starved of 'their' point of view, can also lead to huge profits, and they quickly learned how a sullied man with the bullhorn with which to bludgeon reality can become a highly effective political tool.
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