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racedo, your response is identical to how a Russian troll uses "whataboutism" and misdirection as a diversion tactic. Are you aware of that? The topic of this thread isn't your usual target of frustration or hatred, it is RT, a news organization.
Western Govts with a pliable media who do as they are told ?
Horsecrap. You can ask Nixon about pliable media, or Trump with the never ending attention paid to him (a great deal of it not complimentary) as he tries to do battle with this "pliable media" via his t.wi.tt.er account.
One only has to look at the UK Press fawning over Saudi visit last week while ignoring the genocide in Yemen by Saudi's.
Irrelevant to the topic at hand, and a complete red herring in the "ignoring genocide in Yemen by Saudis since the Western press does indeed cover that little mess. It (this imaginary "western media" that your propose as a single institution) seems to prefer to emphasize coverage about who in Hollywood looked good in the red carpet, since that gets more internet clicks.
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