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Originally Posted by racedo View Post
Based on whose interpretation ?

Western Govts with a pliable media who do as they are told ?
One only has to look at the UK Press fawning over Saudi visit last week while ignoring the genocide in Yemen by Saudi's.


The US Media who shilled for a single candidate in Presidential election and refused to accept the vote and have spent it since doing everything to blame everybody else.

Israel Mossad has 2700 hits abroad to suit its National interests but that is perfectly acceptable.

France destabilise Libya becasue they up to their neck in funding provided to elect Sarkozy and have kept like the UK billions in sequestrated Libyan funds.

So just who again is a "Rogue" state ?
Passing a law making assignations on the territory of friends and allies seems a pretty good start, not to mention actually using that law to perform extrajudicial murders at will makes them good candidates, in my view.

Not saying that any country is blameless, but we learned the lesson over the Gibraltar executions many years ago, and, as far as I know haven't gone down the same path since.

I've no time for Israel as a state anyway, as they have always seemed a law unto themselves. Thankfully they don't have anywhere near the capability of Russia.
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