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It's interesting the way RT established itself as an apparently reputable news source here. The BBC was in turmoil, and in particular BBC news reporting had dropped to the just above the standard of the tabloid press, IMHO. I switched from looking at the BBC news online and considered RT to present a generally more balanced view, now I tend to view two or three news channels to try and get some idea as to where the truth may lie.

There's no doubt that RT has been managed very cleverly, and has been careful to appear to be, on the surface, presenting a balanced view of world affairs. They've allowed open criticism of Vladimir Putin, for example. They have attracted a considerable number of viewers, as have other news sources, like Al Jazeera.

The challenge for anyone viewing any news source it to try and determine the boundary between truth and propaganda, and with RT I'd have to say that is pretty damned difficult. They hide their state sponsorship well in their reporting, and don't appear to be a propaganda machine at all.

That then begs the question as to why they exist, and why the Russian state pays for them. Given the clear indications that Russia is moving ever closer to becoming a rogue state with every passing day, RT must have a subtle role to play in supporting the Russian government's aims, just as the BBC, and especially the World Service, plays a subtle role in supporting the aims of the British Government.

I see nothing wrong with viewing RT, as long as you also view a few other news outlets and form your own view on the balance of reporting by each, and as long as you bear in mind who is paying for these services...................

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