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As I mentioned yesterday, it's over. CX has now been crippled by probably the worst and most discredited management in the industry. Sadly, the only ones who will truly suffer are the employees of the airline. It is now firmly established on it's slide to oblivion. The senior management have their Swire parachutes, so they will be blind and deaf to the destruction they have caused. Here is one line from the headline article in the SCMP:

"....The airline is also among the few marquee Asia-Pacific carriers not to operate a budget airline, which has hampered its efforts to compete more effectively..."

Again, another management failure. One they arrogantly dismissed years ago, meanwhile ceding the slots, revenues and market share to our now well entrenched competitors. If it was an in-house airline, the revenues and profits would have flowed through. Instead, every dollar spent on LCC is going to another group of owners, and THEIR employees. Well done RH and co, another splendid own-goal.

This airline is a dead man walking. It is probably not recoverable, as any action our management takes will only make things worse. They have lost the minds and souls of their employees, and now are losing them literally as well. If you have any viable option, take it. To risk staying at CX will surely result in disaster for your careers and families. Wake up to the reality of what this sad and pathetic company has become. There is no hope left. Get out while you can.
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