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Originally Posted by smarthawke View Post
I realise itís impossible to imagine but some engineers actually hold a pilotís licence. Perhaps the unfortunate person involved in this incident, did.

As for moving it before the AAIB visited - they may well have given permission for it to be moved and are more than likely not going to travel to Perth to see the helicopter anyway.

Who knows....?

PS Re the ARC bring expired. Not important for a ground run but even if the ARC had been renewed, G-INFO wouldnít show the updated info until the following midnight when the system updates.
He did not hold a pilots licence. I mentioned the expired ARC and age of the helicopter to point out that I felt some major work was likely to have been getting done which may or may not had something to do with the accident not as to whether it was legal or not to do a ground run. Itís common sense that you have to be able to do a ground run if the ARC has expired 🙄🙄🙄
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