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I had the displeasure of working, for a short period, for this shower when they were known as Business Air back in the 1990's.

Talk about a village shop mentality, ABZ had a closure time of 2150L, absolute maximum extension time of 2230L, this shower had their passenger flights scheduled to arrive back in significantly after 2100 to have the seats removed in a timed X amount of few minutes to go off on their night Royal Mail flights, I mean it was 'skin of your teeth stuff' and a similar scenario once ABZ would re-open the next morning.

One day I was Ops Controller, or whatever the position was called, when the boss asked if we had any delays, I mean it was going like clockwork and I subsequently received a rollocking for not reporting a 3 minute delay when only a 2 minute delay was accepted as being on schedule.

And alas this is the way they shall always do it because it's the only way they know, last time I researched perhaps a couple of years back I recognised the management names still in situ, they've only ever worked in their village shop and not in a supermarket, it's the only way they know, fine tuning any scheduling and then kicking-off at the slightest hiccup, there was no hope for them then and it sounds like things haven't changed.
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