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Originally Posted by button push ignored View Post
Just do it as quickly and cheaply as possible.
Three month on, three months off sounds like a perfect way to do it debt free.
You can study for your exams whilst at sea.
Your on the right track.
Absolutely nothing wrong with Eastern Europe.
Łůdź, Poland is one of my preferred schools.
Donít worry about prestige of Western Europe schools.
Itís not worth the up charge.
Just do it.
So yeah, EASA Member. Very important.

Check also Baltic Aviation Academy. A very modern school in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian CAA are very easy going. No burocracy at all. Also exams are done on computer where you get results immediatly after the exam. When finished the training you get your license within 1 hr of application, which also very cheap. For initial License I paid 160 euro or so. Then every year to put revalidated rating on License you pay only 17 euro.

And while you are there, and sometimes to relax plenty of nice bars to drink some nice Lithuanian Beers. And if you are single, I can guaruantee you, you will end up with marrying a LT lady . Haha. I have experience. :P .
Lithuania is a very beautiful country.

Very new fleet of Aircraft.
- Tecnams P2002JF's and P2006's.

- C172SP Full Glass Cockpit

- A320 and B737 Full Motion Sims

- FNPTII Sim for IFR and MEP.
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