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Question Some advice on where to train.

Hello All,

As you can see i'm very new here. Some general backstory: Im 25 and a British citizen but living in Estonia. My current job (Merchant Navy Officer) Lets me live and work wherever i like and i currently work three months on and three months off. However this is getting a little tedious being away for such long periods of time and I've had a desire (but no the sterling) to become a pilot all my life.

I have now saved enough to do my Modular 0-fATPL while continuing to work. I have spoken to flight schools in Estonia, Latvia and Poland who have said they can work my training around the time off i have from work as i expect to continue to work while training.

My question is- does it matter where i take my license? For instance in my line of work if i have an Office Of the Watch license from a country such as Panama or Phillipines it is looked on a lot less favourably than one from the UK or Netherlands. Should i choose to take it where i am now is this held collectively to the same standards for the rest of Europe or will i be looked upon less favourably than someone who did the Modular route in the UK or western Europe?

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