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Originally Posted by hoopssam View Post
hey everyone. hoping this is the right place to post this..
i sat my CTC assessment in the december just gone and passed everything but PILAPT where i only failed 2/6 tests.
id used sky test to practice for PILAPT, but just not enough.
I was wondering whether anyone can give me a definitive answer as to how the crosshairs you fly in the test are set up.. i believe they are like a normal aircraft's controls (left is left, right is right and pulling back on the joystick makes the horizontal crosshair go up, pushing away from you makes it go down). i think where i went wrong was using skytest, where it appears to be inverted for left to be right, right to be left, and pushing away makes it go up, and pulling towards makes it go down..

any help is really appreciated guys as i just wanna cover all bases!
also happy to answer any questions about the selection for those who havent been yet
did u manage to get the answer? is it the same as
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