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Interesting thread going on here - US offers UK inferior open skies deal - FT .

Seems there is so much more involved than the "man on the street" was made aware of in the lead up to the referendum and is yet to realise, and we here are only looking at the aviation aspect on these forums. With Trump now going down the Tariff route on steel/aluminium, which the EU are trying to get exemptions from or impose their own tariffs, the UK would have to negotiate it's own exemptions or impose damaging tariffs of their own come this time next year. Going on the article linked, if the US is going to play hard ball on bi-lateral air agreements, every other EU agreement we currently have will face the same prospect.

I guess over nearly 40 years of involvement with the EU, there is so much more to it than just a plain in or out question, and with just over a year to go, we still do not know how this is going to shape up for for any of us as the current Government cannot seem to settle on what it is they actually want before they decide what is the best outcome for the country.
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