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As for carrying out any type of iap at Shoreham; this needs to be done with a controller who has an approach procedural rating which is valid for Shoreham and not all Shoreham aerodrome controllers have this rating.
Exactly my point - I am sure Farnborough LARS (east) could clear planes one at a time to do the published approach, in a similar way to the USA, Farnborough LARS could even charge Shoreham a small "clearance given" fee to Shoreham for having to handle the flight if they felt it was appropriate. I know Shoreham charges 25 (inc vat) per "training" instrument approach (not sure about actual IMC), so couldn't that money go to the controller who offers the service, making it much easier for everyone, and giving a bonus to the controller working the shift handling flights? (even if Farnborough LARS took a commission, it'd still be welcomed I am sure!).

Biggin Hill for instance has a radar screen in the tower, but apparently no controllers with the correct rating to actually use it. All clearances for the IAPs come from (generally) Thames Radar on 132.7 - I am sure there is a financial agreement between Biggin and Thames...

It does work very well! So I don't see why all other airports couldn't join in on similar schemes, Farnborough Radar who already offer so much for free for general aviation could be the prime provider!!

Just a thought....
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