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Originally Posted by cessnapete View Post
What a dogs breakfast UK GA has to endure!
I was refused using the GPS approach track at Shoreham recently in VMC, because no ATC controller available!!!
Then a GPS approach requiring an NDB to legally complete.
In other countries USA, Australia for example a GPS approach can be completed with their version of “Safetycom”
In IMC/IFR nearest ATC eg London, controls to radar MSA or IAP. Then transferred to A/G. Next approach not released by ATC until previous has landed.
Why do we have to reinvent the wheel?
The Pease Pottage radar, which is fed to Farnborough for LARS East sector, can 'see' Shoreham traffic in the circuit and almost down to ground level as it happens to be positioned where it looks straight through the gap in the South Downs through which the River Adur runs, in fact coverage is so good you could do a 2nm SRA into Shoreham from Farnborough. (Well that's my personal opinion but then I was only a Farnborough controller so who am I to say.)
As for carrying out any type of iap at Shoreham; this needs to be done with a controller who has an approach procedural rating which is valid for Shoreham and not all Shoreham aerodrome controllers have this rating.

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