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in fact, go non radio, non transponder, non everything....
I do! I fly some vintage planes that have none of these (or some that have radios, but the battery died on route and the spare can't be reached during flight / the battery lives in the other cockpit) - but it does make life quite difficult. We now live in a modern era of Transponder Mandatory Zones, Terminal Manoeuvring Areas, Control Terminal Areas, Aerodrome Terminal Zones... Where busting airspace is a real possibility if you navigate by sight and suddenly become unsure of your position on an unfamiliar route, (or have strayed a few miles from your anticipated route)...

But even then, I still have to adhere to so much of the UK CAA's nonsense... I still need to pay 121 (+6 shipping) to add a single line of ink on my licence, leaving me unable to fly for several weeks, and consider myself lucky if they haven't lost or damaged my logbook in the process!

Yep, bring on the lawyers and bean counters......!! Should sort things out...NOT!!
That is why we find it so difficult to interpret the regulations, due to their long-winded never-ending sentences that don't actually say what they mean, spread over a dozen or more clauses, but might cover their arses in the event of legal action...

I am still trying to figure out what this "GA unit" that they put in place back in 2014 is actually doing for us...
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