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Originally Posted by HundredPercentPlease View Post

I'm going to guess you are something to do with FR management. Because only FR management count the "allowance" (an amount for stuff you have to pay for - which is paid for by the company in all other airlines) as salary.

And your sector pay? Based on how many hours?
And the productivity bonus? Is that guaranteed, or do you blow it if something outside of your control happens?

And what if you are sent to Poland, rather than DUB?

And why no pay for the 5+ months waiting for line training? Real airlines pay you from completion of the LST.

And why such a crap deal while you are line training? Just an excuse to get a cheap bum in the seat to move the pax like any other pilot

if you read my previous post you might have noticed my other half works there and i am EX RYR, i fly for another LCC and i am very much enjoying myself at the moment

however, i will forgive your ignorance and tone and answer the following;

there is little variation between bases, i should know, i spent time in WRO, BGY and PSA as part of my command upgrade programme, they couldn't get away with having large salary differences between bases.

they base their sector pay on avg 850 hours per annum, productivity is based on offering to work 3 off days in Nov/Dec

to be fair this is a much better deal than under previous one Mc Ginley contract. Cadets are going to go from not owing close to 30k to only 5k plus they are now earning from base training.

i am more than happy to answer questions and draw upon my RYR experience and inside knowledge but i will not tolerate rudeness.
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