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Originally Posted by BAladdy View Post
Flights have been operated by a Eastern Airways S2000 (G-CIEC) since Monday. The S2000 is showing as operating BM’s LDY flights through until Sunday...
Flybmi doing nothing for it's reputation. Posts on Twitter last night from the STN-LDY passengers saying that when it was cancelled they where not informed it was cancelled and there where approx 40 odd passengers standing in the check in queue in STN for the flight and no-one showed up to the desk and that Flybmi where out of contact.

I've flown STN-LDY with Flybmi before and they do not have permanent staff there, they appear to outsource it to one of the Servisair type companies who have staff with generic uniforms, the only branding is a portable Flybmi banner which they roll up beside the desk.

When I flew with them last summer the check in desk opened about 1hr 15 mins before the flight, many passengers had luggage due to the holiday season and it was then a mad dash through Stansted security to get to the gate on time.

Fine if hand luggage only and you don't need to check in but if you are marketing a product and boasting about a suitcase baggage allowance then at least get the gates open on time to allow plenty of time to get through security.
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