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David Billings
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Slightly bemused...!

First Principal says:

"Hello David, I must confess to being slightly bemused by your response - why wouldn't you say where the area is?"

I have said where I think it is.... in the hinterland of Wide Bay

....and if you recall earlier posts that I have made I have said we are presently looking about one mile away from where the wreck of the B-17 41-2429 is located. It does not take an African Witch Doctor to find out where that wreck lies.... by the Powell River, locally called "Mumus".

That puts "our looking" within a circle of one mile radius.

I personally do not know where the crash site is which was seen by the Army Patrol, that's why I am still looking.

You say: "Could it also be why some people choose not to contribute, as I've seen you comment on?"

Yes, indeed, I have asked for monetary assistance but I am not expecting thousands of dollars from this thread, every little but of help does help.... as I have said, for we are always on a tight budget and a little extra gets us some extras to make life a bit more comfortable or to buy items of equipment.

That is up to them, to give or not give.... no-one has a gun to their pocket and it was some people on here who asked for the PayPal button in any case. Believe me, I do not like to be a beggar and that is what I have become by putting a PayPal button on my website. The actual results of the PayPal button tell another story....

The $125 (Australian Dollars) [less 3.9%] from two people as a direct result of this thread will translate into 4 Steel garden spades and maybe a fuel container for two stroke, and maybe a couple of thin foam pads for two tents, that will see that money gone.

So now in order for me not to be a beggar on this thread anymore, I withdraw my request for monetary assistance by readers of this thread... You don't have to even consider it anymore.

So I too am sort of bemused...

As regards "where it is"..... Why would anyone in their right mind tell anybody exactly where they were going to look when they have researched the subject matter for 24 years and made many visits to the area learning and learning and learning....at great expense.

Would you ?

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