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I’ve not said exactly where this site is...

First Principal in post # 206 says:

“Although you've not said exactly where this site is on the island I had a look via Google and one could see some tracks around the place. I assume these are not the tracks in question and that there's no historical aerial photography that could assist ?”

Well, I have not said exactly where we are looking on New Britain Island, in the province of East New Britain, nor will I...... but I have said enough clues in past posts for anyone to get a general idea of the problem we face with remoteness and the ever-loving Jungle....

For instance, in Post #97 on 20th April 2017 I said, in this thread, among a lot of other things:

"In the website I speak of a return path back to NUKUMANU Atoll and thence onward towards New Britain passing overhead Mortlock Island (T'au Group) and Carteret Reef and if that line is continued to the West, it does actually make landfall on New Britain at Wide Bay and pass over the area where we have been searching since 1994."

The only really historical aerial photo I have is the 1943 one and there are no tracks shown on that. I have an aerial I took myself in 1995 showing the development of the logging tracks in the area but I am not about to post that.

I have previously described the area as the 38 kilometre wide "neck" between the main part of New Britain Island and the Gazelle Peninsular. The website itself includes a WWII map which anybody interested enough can locate on New Britain.

Take it from me that the search area has encompassed quite a large area of the hinterland behind the coast of Wide Bay and my Team and I have been into areas in there where the local people have never been. We have seen things they have never seen. We have even taken a short cut through the innards of an extinct volcano in there where we followed a lava pipe out which had black marble walls and in there we saw a frog which has claws, something a "frogologist" at an Australian University told me was impossible, "Frogs do not have claws", he said....this one in there did have claws.

I think I have given enough clues for people to work out the general area where we go.

David Billings
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