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Cheers, Mr Mac. We can no doubt chalk up the Tiger battle scene to Hollywood's proclivity for grandiosity. I recall talking with a friend of my brother's who served during Desert Storm in an Abrams. When asked what the heat was like, he said it had air conditioning, not for the men, but the machine.

While the action occurs outside of the war, I enjoyed The Eichmann Show quite a lot, if only for the nostalgic view of how television was run. It was based on the true story of the live television coverage of the Eichmann trial.

Another true story, Men of Honor, is an interesting look into Navy divers from the POV of a black recruit. Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr both provide good performances.

While Hollywood once again took a great deal of artistic license, Defiance, another oft-missed but worthwhile film, is about the true story of the Jewish Bielski Brothers in Poland.

Thanks for the thread, tdracer.
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