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Originally Posted by sidevalve View Post
"Battle of the Bulge"?? (made in 1965)
If that was in response to my query, no it wasn't "Battle of the Bulge" (not a very good movie IMHO). There is a scene where the American tanks shoot the German tanks in the underbelly as they move over a ridge (in that great Ardennes desert tank battle ), but that's not what I'm talking about.
Memory says it was a black and white movie, but it's been so long that I'm not sure I trust that part.
Piperboy - no argument - The Longest Day belongs on the list, I should have included it. I also really enjoy 'Where Eagles Dare" but definitely a cat 3) BTW, 'Kelly's Hero's" and "Where Eagles Dare" are in both in the same Blu-ray box set (my DVD of Kelly's Hero's somehow got damaged - when I went to Amazon to replace it, it was cheaper to get the box set with Where Eagles Dare than to buy Kelly's Hero's by itself)
VAP - I didn't particularly like Fury, but no question they went out of their way in the realism department. Saw a TV show about how they filmed the Sherman vs. Tiger battle scenes and it was impressive. They went so far as to locate a surviving Tiger that was used for some scenes (they had another, newer armored vehicle that was mocked up to look like a Tiger for some of the moving scenes).
The mini-series Pacific is pretty good - I wish my dad had still been around to watch it with me (his unit is depicted in some of the scenes on Guadalcanal) - but somehow I just don't find it as enjoyable as Band of Brothers.
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