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Originally Posted by Flygare View Post
No GScapture, we can´t agree on that!

The company demanded a B-scale in the period of some 10 years when SAS didn´t hire any new pilots. The unions were forced to accept it, but when new pilots started being hired again, the unions managed to get rid of the B-scale. This was done at the expence of the older guys.
So much for selling out younger guys, right!

The company has been union busting for years and years, and the unions have been played out against each other. They have been more or less power less and had no way of stopping SAIL, etc, etc.

Understood Flygare, then I’ve must got wrong information regarding that. Sorry about that.

I’ve heard similar stories about the company playing with unions and trying to bust them. Regardless what’s going on the company structure and business strategy must been a bit off if they came down to this level that it is absolutely necessary to outsource everything, undermine everything. Not a lot “Scandinavian equality” in there. Or then it is just extremely badly run company. But that’s a whole different story and this topic is about SAIL.

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