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I don't see what the hubbub's all about either. It appears Melania hit at least 2 out of 3 of the required marks on the USCIS list, and even though her husband will go down as the worst president in recent US history, his non-political family members should be hands off to the media.

"Non-Political" - Despite several controversial presidencies of our recent past, First Ladies were more often than not, treated with respect by major news outlets. Of course conservatives did not play by the same rules, and relentlessly attacked Michelle Obama over the years, many of these attacks were mean-spirited, and all were baseless in factual origin.

Hillary, during her stint as First Lady, was, unfortunately, another story. She's what one might call a GOP lightning rod, or perhaps female punching bag would be closer to the truth. She did step fully into the political limelight with her push for health care, and that did open her up to ridicule, whether it was fair or not.

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I was given EB-1 visa status while applying for US permanent residency and I'm no Einstein. My guess is most foreign academics that work in the US and applied for a green card got it via EB-1 status. Probably the same in a lot of different fields. I think this is a bit of a non-story.
Congratulations! This is intriguing, Hokulea. What is your area of expertise?
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