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If they can shut down an airline for red ties they can certainly cancel an order because the plebs had the temerity to hold meeting about recent developments that could delay even further what is the possibly the worlds slowest airline promotional system.
Noted tongue in cheek...

With a SH command at BA another 'legacy' carrier running around 7 years, it is my understanding, were one want to stay within range of schools,family etc on the east coast, then a SH command at Qantas is circa 20 years...

Qantas' only card is 'living in Australia' something they have aggressively defended in years past, whilst simultaneous undermining everything a job at Qantas (including a career path) was about.

With EK now outsourcing to CAE, Qantas may soon realise that their home ground advantage is undermined by Asian carriers with decent commuting contracts.

Demographics also will undermine their fear driven adversarial IR model.

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