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Not seeing a definitive answer to the question.

My experience.

I save an FAA PPL, then 200 hours (now 255), was in the UK late September 2017, went to my local airport to see what was involved in getting to fly one of their PA28's; I own one and have 150 hours on type.

Had to wait for their expert CFI - was told, it's like you dont have a licence, you have to do the whole course, minimum 45 hours of instruction, all the exams etc etc. Didn't sound right to me, still doesnt.

Contrast this with UK PPL going to the US, ok some pre paper work but they will give you a PPL on the basis of the EASA or whatever, any ICAO - guessing there is goibg to be some US retaliation somewhere diwn the line.

On the question - do EASA in US, then get issued an FAA 61.75 based on it, seems the best way to go.
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