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Originally Posted by WhatTheDeuce View Post
Without traditional Forced Draft due to EASA and no FA there would be no way of doing that.
Yep, hence why I said
but given that BA would have needed to negotiate a different system for long haul, BALPA should have been able to come up with something more advantageous for all.
If you are so conversant with bidline rules and their origins, you will also know that the intent of forced draft was that it be used infrequently, to cover unforseen circumstances. (As you say, the system would break down without it). However, BA were using it for very predictable uncovered work, and each time an agreement to solve it was reached, BA just reduced pilot numbers still further. Now I agree, something needed to be done, but the solution we have ended up with is a poor effort. Will BA still operate with as few pilots as possible under JSS? Of course they will. I note you have said earlier you are a pp5 Captain. It will be interesting to read how you feel about JSS when you are obtaining one or two choices you wanted during Winter months, but having them all optimised away during the Summer months. I expect it will be better than your previous outfit though, so perhaps you will be happy enough. Bring on the next reduction in T’s and C’s please BA because the majority of your fresh new workforce have come from worse places and are perfectly happy for you to keep on going.
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