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I sense there’s a bit of “ well if you had ever worked anywhere else you wouldn’t think like that” creeping in, so just to put the record straight many of those perhaps expressing less than glowing views of BA did indeed have a life before BA...even many those regarded as institutionalised who joined 30 years back have in fact been either in the mil and/or with another airline and are very well aware of things like roster instability, poor accommodation .. and phone calls at 3 in the AM....so yes, we’ve all know “the four Yorkshiremen

BA used to be the top U.K. gig by a country mile...yes, .it is an eye opener when you join and some of the “perks” can make your eyes water if you previously done things like spending time off downroute living on a car ferry...

I think Long Haul is probably still a pretty top job, short haul...I don’t know but I know those who do....but I do know the slide in T&Cs has been enormous over the last few years as the operation is steered from Madrid and I suspect that slide will continue, so those thinking in indulging need to indulge in a lot of thinking ahead.

Certainly those now looking at BA need to perform due diligence like never before ..and yes, it is indeed horses for courses...long haul DEP offered...grab it...if the offer is Shorthaul DEP and you are already well established at your current outfit...that’s a tough one...not sure I’d jump without a lot of research.

Now do I try and spend my bonus today or do I spend another day off doing battle with the new highly tested, superbly supported “benefits” website....

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