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Originally Posted by JOSHUA View Post
Quite - except I too joined BA from another airline. I however find it frightening that so many firmly believe that itís some how wrong to feel a sense of entitlement simply because, ĎIíve worked elsewhere, you have no idea how lucky you are, etcí.
EllanVannin - please explain why we shouldnít be entitled to protect some of our T&Cís? Perhaps youíll be happy nightstopping in an Ibis and only having enough money to Delsey dine?
I donít disagree. Youíre setting up a straw man argument.

Iím as peeíd off as the next guy with the company and am more than happy to strike to protect our Ts and Cs. Thatís not what the argument is here. The point we are trying to make is that life isnít as bad as a lot of the posts on this forum make it sound. Far from it.
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